introducing the revolution in pet food

the worlds most sustainable & clean limited-ingredient dog food


looking to reduce your pets Carbon Pawprint? reducing our meat intake is one of the best things we can do, but how can we do this for our pets?

we have produced a meat-free dog food recipe focused on premium insect proteins with  raw fruits,  veggies,  berries  and  herbs. all grown responsibly and ethically

raw dog food made from hypoallergenic and raw ingredients. limited ingredient recipe. grain free. insect protein wet frozen style sustainable dog food
planet based diet. is more environmentally friendly than a plant based diet as it epicycles waste food that would other wise be distend for the land fill
eco friendly dog food made from insect protein
northern hound is a carbon neutral organization meaning it offsets any pet food manufacturing or shipping with planting trees or carbon offset.
all our packaging is biodegradable. compostable packaging we also have plastic free shipping packaging
ethical and humane dog food. northern hound insures all its ingredients are sourced from responsible farms that practice both humane and ethical practices
limited ingredient dog food that is available in both dry and wet options. limited ingredients make for a hypoallergenic dog food
insect dog food that is made from raw ingredient to produce a wet dog food that is then frozen
hypoallergenic dog food that is better for the planet
insect protein is recommended by veterinarians and has been approved by the British veterinarian association. it is a complete protein source high in nutrients and has a low allergenic potential suitable for dogs with allergies

7 ways our product is starting a revolution