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the worlds most sustainable & clean limited-ingredient dog food


looking to reduce your pets Carbon Pawprint? reducing our meat intake is one of the best things we can do, but how can we do this for our pets?

we have produced a meat-free dog food recipe focused on premium insect proteins with  raw fruits,  veggies,  berries  and  herbs. all grown responsibly and ethically

raw dog food made from hypoallergenic and raw ingredients. limited ingredient recipe. grain free. insect protein wet frozen style sustainable dog food
planet based diet. is more environmentally friendly than a plant based diet as it epicycles waste food that would other wise be distend for the land fill
eco friendly dog food made from insect protein
northern hound is a carbon neutral organization meaning it offsets any pet food manufacturing or shipping with planting trees or carbon offset.
all our packaging is biodegradable. compostable packaging we also have plastic free shipping packaging
ethical and humane dog food. northern hound insures all its ingredients are sourced from responsible farms that practice both humane and ethical practices
limited ingredient dog food that is available in both dry and wet options. limited ingredients make for a hypoallergenic dog food
insect dog food that is made from raw ingredient to produce a wet dog food that is then frozen
hypoallergenic dog food that is better for the planet
insect protein is recommended by veterinarians and has been approved by the British veterinarian association. it is a complete protein source high in nutrients and has a low allergenic potential suitable for dogs with allergies

7 ways our product is starting a revolution


better for the planet.

Insect proteins;
• grow 13x faster
• drink 2000x less water
• consume 12x less feed
• require 2000x less land
• emit 100x less greenhouse gases
vs. beef.

The bar charts below compare the resources needed
to produce 1kg of protein

bar chart comparing the environmental impact of dog food. insect protein dog food is more environmentally sustainable than normal dog foods. it is also a hypoallergenic dog food.


Limited Ingredients

insect protein
100% Raw;

apples, carrots, spinach, sweet potato, zucchini, blueberries, cranberries, broccoli, sunflower seeds, kale, parsley, kelp, honey, maple syrup, lecithin, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, min/vit mix.


Insect are a mighty package of goodness

insect protein is a complete protein source with all the essential amino acids, fats, minerals and vitamins your pet needs. they have;
• more iron than spinach
• more calcium than milk
• double the protein of beef
• more b12 than salmon or beef
• 9x more omega’s than wild salmon


Protein Raised on Upcyled food Waste

bsfl larvae are one of natures most efficient recyclers! our larvae are feed clean pre-consumer food waste (from grocery stores) which they convert into a usable compost for farms and gardens.


Ethical & Humane

as a conscious consumer we look for free range or ethically sourced foods. typically pet foods contain processed & intensively farmed meat byproducts.
our insects require 2000x less land than livestock and are humbly harvested.


No Growth Hormones / Antibotics

insects grow extremely fast and are inherently resistant to diseases which affect livestock. So there is no need to use grown hormones or antibiotics in there raising!


No Grains or Fillers

our products only contain ingredients that provide nutrients for you pet! all our products are:
• gluten-free
• soy-free
• grain-free
• legume-free (no peas, chickpeas)
• meat-free
• preservative-free

product image of insect dog food that is hypoallergenic dog food. for dogs requiring a limited ingredient diet or hypoallergenic dog food that is sustainable and eco-friendly. made ram raw ingredients available in a a wet dog food recipe and dry dog food recipe.

Are you ready to make a difference?

reduce your pets carbon pawprint by feeding them a sustainable diet.​
northern hound guarantee to be the most sustainable dog food

Our Guarantee

Have a fussy eater or worried that your pet may not like insect protein.

Money back

we will refund you the full cost of your order no questions asked.

Zero Waste Refund

we Don’t ask you to send it back, pass it on to a friend or animal shelter

Free Shipping

when you purchase 3 or more bags of our Dehydrated insect protein recipe.

Be #petfoodproud

Is your dog reducing its carbon Paw Print through eating a sustainable diet? Does your dog have allergies or has struggled with digestive issues? If our pet food products have helped them with these issues #petfoodproud to help speed the Word!

Macy has always been a fussy eater and had a sensitive stomach. She loves Northern Hounds recipes! - We actually mix the raw & dry to give her some variety in texture 🙂

- Macy

healthy, complete & balanced eco-friendly dog food.

available as dehydrated or frozen recipes​. both made from the same raw ingredients

dehydrated dog food made from hypoallergenic and raw ingredients. grain free. insect protein kibble style sustainable dog food

dry / dehydrated insect protein dog food - 3lb


raw dog food made from hypoallergenic and raw ingredients. limited ingredient recipe. grain free. insect protein wet frozen style sustainable dog food

frozen raw insect protein dog food - 3lb


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