Northern Hound is a family business run out of Toronto, Canada. We are solely focused on your pet’s health and our planet’s health. We understand that trying to balance both of these can sometimes be a difficult challenge. But not anymore! Northern Hound has crafted a sustainable, low carbon footprint dog food that is also hypoallergenic, complete and balanced.

meet the northern hound family​

founded in 2018 by husband & wife, rianna & adam, with help from their best friend macy. as environmentalists and also pet owners we were struggling to find not only a healthy pet food but also one that is sustainable. our pet food has an equivalent environmental foot print to a plant based diet, with the added advantage of containing all the essential nutritional requirements for your dog! we have carefully thought through each stage of our product from manufacture to your package recycling / disposal and created the most environmentally friendly product possible. ​

Our vision for Northern Hound was to create a pet food that environmentalists, humanitarians, and animal lovers could feel great about feeding their pets. To achieve this we make all our products from quality, nutritious ingredients that promote their pet's health. We have also selected ingredients that have minimal environmental impact and that are completely humane and ethical. 

We produce meat free dog food recipes focused on premium insect proteins and raw fruits, veggies, berries and herbs, all grown responsibly and humanely. We put great care and effort into sourcing only the highest quality ingredients from suppliers we know and trust. Our goal is to drive positive change in the pet industry with respect to sustainability and eliminating animal welfare issues, while creating a higher quality food for your dog. 

A core value at Northern Hound is Sustainability! We achieve this by minimizing the environmental impact of our products throughout the life-cycle of the product. We have selected ingredients with a low global warming potential (for example insect proteins). We have also taken this approach one step further and selected a plastic free packaging that is both recyclable and completely home compostable. 

Another core value at Northern Hound is the Ethical and Humane treatment of all animals. To create a completely ethically driven food is to provide complete transparency and accountability! In that way, you as a pet owner can understand what is in their food and where it comes from. By working exclusively with partners and farms who share our commitment to exceptional quality and ethical farming practices, Northern Hound creates a better food for your pets while also helping to eliminate animal cruelty.