5 Ways to Become an Eco-friendly Pet Owner

We can all make a difference and every small bit counts! Here are some easy ways to become a more eco-friendly pet owner:  1. ADOPT FROM A SHELTER Considering purchasing a new pet or perhaps another additional to you family? A great option is to adopt! Apart from the obvious fact that you will be saving the […]

The ecological impact of our products

When considering the overall ecological impact of a product you must consider the whole lifecycle of the product. This is everything from the growing of the raw ingredients, transporting the ingredients, manufacturing the product, packaging the product, transporting the product to the consumer and finally disposing of the packaging of the product. At Northern Hound, […]

How to transition your dog’s food

Whatever the reason for the change of your dogs diet, whether it is going from puppy to adult food, or simply that you are no longer happy with the diet that your dog is on. It is important to transition to their new diet safety! The most common approach is to introduce the new food […]